First book-length response to Love Wins (not counting certain book-length blog posts…)

Mike Wittmer (my former thesis adviser at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary) recently published Christ Alone, the first book-length response to Rob Bell’s Love Wins.

It’s a sign of the times that Christians can publish their reactions to things they don’t like so quickly. (Creating lightening-fast responses to the Da Vinci Code became a cottage industry after Dan Brown released his abomination against all good writing. Christian publishing has never been the same since.)

The quality of thought often suffers for the sake of speed to market. But I hope that’s not the case with Mike’s book.

I’m sure Mike will find plenty to criticize in Love Wins. (Though, given that he’s also the author of this book, he should find at least one or two things to like about Rob’s description of heaven, if he’s fair.)

Mike is committed to Reformed theology. But in my experience, he tends to present his views without John Piper’s rancor, Mark Driscoll’s adolescent tantrums, or Kevin DeYoung’s egregious misrepresentations of other people’s views.

I hope that turns out to be true of his critique of Love Wins.

One thought on “First book-length response to Love Wins (not counting certain book-length blog posts…)

  1. Hey Ben! Kyle from Grace Episcopal.
    In doing some preliminary homework on the blogshperes response to Wittmer’s book – yours was among the first in my Google search. Good to see you have a blog and appreciate your assessment of the reformed landscape. While many of the theologian/pastors you mentioned have been significant in my journey, I am finding myself deeply discontent along the same lines of your comments.

    Solemn holy Saturday to you and anticipate celebrating the Resurrection together! Let’s get together sometime and talk.



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