boxes, boxes, and more . . . snow

Today was “drive to a sketchy warehouse on the east side of London and pick up our stuff” day. This involved sitting for two hours on the parking lot otherwise known as the London Orbital (aka the M25—not nearly as cool or spacey as it sounds), driving round and round an industrial complex looking for the only business not bothering to put its name on the front, and asking for directions at a place called the Rumbling Belly Cafe. (I didn’t eat there.)

But I drove away with 16 boxes of pots, pans, books, clothes, etc., so all turned out well. Who knew a few pieces of silverware and some familiar decorations could make a place feel more like home.

One more photo for now . . . and no, this is not a repeat from the last post. This is yesterday. What is going on??

2 thoughts on “boxes, boxes, and more . . . snow

  1. Is that your Boston Terrier? Leesa and I have two of them! They just went camping with us this weekend here in Texas:

    And the snow – I think that’s bcuz London is on the same latitude as southern Greenland. Don’t you remember any of your homeschooler geography?


  2. Yes, but there’s this little thing called the Gulf Stream that’s supposed to keep England generally snow-free, especially in April! (Must be slacking on the job this year…)


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