The Bible Experience on CBS Sunday Morning

In the Beginning There Was the Bestseller

CBS Sunday Morning did a piece on Bible publishing this morning. (Thanks to my parents for giving me the heads up.) Page two of the online story has an interview with Denzel Washington about his role in The Bible Experience.

The Bible Experience is a dramatization of the TNIV performed by a cast of African-American celebrities like Washinton, Samuel L. Jackson, Blair Underwood, Angela Bassett, Cuba Gooding Jr, etc. I helped Zondervan launch the New Testament last fall.

You can also listen to the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection, as told by The Bible Experience.

One thought on “The Bible Experience on CBS Sunday Morning

  1. whoops! I meant to give you a heads up on this, but didn’t get a chance before I went home…

    glad you caught it!

    Happy Easter!!


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