poaching souls

I heard a guy from Lifewater International use this phrase, and I liked it.

(Lifewater is a group that brings clean water and sanitation to those who don’t have them.)

Anyway, he was talking about the need for holistic ministry when he said, “We’re not just poaching souls.” His point was that we have to meet the needs of the whole person, body and soul… because this life and this world matter immensely to God, not just the life to come…

When it comes to it, I can’t think of many things more “Christian” than giving someone access to clean water. (Matthew 10:42 is worth checking out.)

Speaking of which, today is World Water Day. Consider this…

1.2 billion people (1 in 6) don’t have access to safe water. (Imagine having to drink water that might actually kill you.)

2.6 billion people (2 in 5) don’t have basic sanitation. (Imagine not having any toilet paper or a toilet to flush it down.)

According to some estimates, every $1 spent on safe drinking water and sanitation creates up to $34 in economic development.

In other words, helping the poor is in everyone’s interest.

I’ll drink to that.

One thought on “poaching souls

  1. It’s interesting because every time I tell my mom I want to go to Africa to dig wells and provide infrastructure, instead of going to the orphanages, she doesn’t understand.

    Both are great things to do. Children need love and care and the orphanages need help to sustain. But I want to dig a well so that a community has access to free, clean, healthy water. And I don’t want their kids walking 5 miles to and fro to get the water, all the while knowing there’s a chance they’ll be killed along the road, being shot by the LRA.


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