Rick Mansfield’s open letter on the TNIV, part 1

Rick Mansfield has posted an open letter to Zondervan on his blog, encouraging them to step up their support for the TNIV.

I’ll write about the TNIV soon, but for now I’ll just say that I think Rick makes several good points. I hope my friends at Zondervan take his letter to heart.

2 thoughts on “Rick Mansfield’s open letter on the TNIV, part 1

  1. Ben, I promise I wasn’t ego-surfing. Wayne Leman sent me a link to your blog. I’m honored to be your first commenter and on your sidebar in the links!

    Thanks for the support of my open letter. While there hasn’t been official response from Zondervan yet, there’s been lots of extremely positive private response from a number of individuals within the company.

    I hope you are well, and enjoying your new position


  2. Hi Ben,

    Rick is a good man. I’ve met him in person. He is able to tell the truth irenically. He really would like to help promote the TNIV better. For that matter, so would I on my own new blog, TNIV Truth.


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